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Tribute to Warcraft 3 Tribute to Warcraft 3

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


So all you did was take the animated gifs off and throw them into a flash movie randomly? ANYBODY could do that, this movie is utter junk.

FknWar Sucks FknWar Sucks

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

while ..

while its touching that you miss your husband/boyfriend, the flash in itself would've been nothing without the song which you didn't compress (and made the file size huge).

The animation is nothing but a bunch of pictures with text on top of it and the text is really hard to read to boot.

Your message is a good one, but your flash skills are pretty poor.
I don't really didn't want to come off mean but i didn't enjoy the flash one bit.

FknBlazed responds:

So you want a complex Flash to convey a simple message? I think you ought not speak of anyone's skill or lack thereof until you aquire some skill of your own. Not to be mean... As for the file size I did compress it, to 64k as a matter of fact. When you learn about optimization in Flash you will find that "real" pictures become a HUGE chunk of your file size, even with optimization. Sorry that you did not enjoy it as most have.

Robot Battle Part 2 Robot Battle Part 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


good job, i seriously think it deserves a better rating than it currently has. Don't you wish that the fuckwads that don't watch it wouldn't vote a zero just because ?

Its obvious you put a lot of work into this and i applaud you. Make another with smoother animations and I garuntee the score will be above a 3. Heh the robot reminded me of 1940s-1950's robots. Also like the robots in skycaptain and the world of tomorrow ..

Wolfenheim responds:

yes im thinking of making this into a small series. it doesnt take that long to do but they are still difficult to do anyway. look forward to a #3 in the near future

Recent Game Reviews

alpha2(trial) alpha2(trial)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


seems like it could be a good game, but as it is now its way too complicated and i don't think anybody understands how its played really ... sure you collect fragments and surf around or something but uh ... ?

Micol-Rankin-Games responds:

First, thank you for playing. Second, The goal of the game is much like that of go to a level, you accomplish one of the many goals it offers in order to collect your "Star", or in my games case your "Fragment";

3D Gun Slide-Show 3D Gun Slide-Show

Rated 0 / 5 stars

jesus ...

they aren't even three dimentional, they're raised 2-D .... ugh just learn some 3d studio max and make some ACTUAL 3-D weapons if this is what you want to do.

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